How to select items from list box

Hi All,

Could you please help me in clicking the items from a list , i dont know how to scroll and select the specific items.

Hello @Vishal_Singh1 ,

Can you provide a screenshot?



Hi @wasea Cant provide the original element but this is a sample of how it looks, it has a scroll bar on right as the list is long.

The item get selected on click and goes to the right column which is empty.

@wasea i have tried with click text but it only works for the items that are on the screen and doesnt select the items which are down in the list

Maybe you can use Send Hot key in your script. Did you tried?
Page down/Up

How many times will the page down work for one “send hotkey activity”

think “Select Item” activity will help you if you know what to select from this list

Hi @wasea It worked. Thanks for the help !!!

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