Click Activity is Not working Chrome

Hello everybody
I have a problem with click activity,
I have to click on View All like image shown
to display anather Button Aprrove (Value)
when the robot clicks the button it does not pass anything on the page
I tried to Hover the button before to click on but not resolved


Hi @Slimane_OUZIALA!
Have you already installed the chrome extension? :slight_smile:

Hi @Jan_Brian_Despi
Tes, I added the UiPath web automation for chrome.
I have Chrome 94.xx version
I tried to hover the buttons befor to click the button its the samedi problem

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Hi @Slimane_OUZIALA

Are you using the simulate click option in the click activity? If yes, try the click without that option. Also make sure the selector for the click activity is working… for that you may try using the ui explorer

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Hi @Slimane_OUZIALA,

Try with selector if its still not working and is “view all” visible when you open the website, use click image if selector doesn’t work.

Hi @Slimane_OUZIALA,

Kindly correct me if i have understood the question wrongly…

  1. To click viewall, use attach window activity as the selector that you are using might be searching for the element in the window…if you have not mentioned the window where to search for…it wont click on that element…so kindly use attach window and place that click activity within…or if it is a browser…use attach browser…

  2. If you want to click approve (50)…kindlynuse wildcard in the aaname attribute of click element selector, as the value in Approve(value) might be changing everytime…

Hope this would help you