Click activity once works in automation once does not

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I’ve been working for some time on automation designed for an accountant programme sending tax declarations.
Automation takes data from excel file and later on loops through every record in data table fulfilling criterions. Every loop is basically the same (there are some handled exceptions) and here the problem comes - click activity in 2 pop-up windows sometimes works and sometimes does not (I need to attend the automation and “help” programme clicking the 2 buttons). I have already tried “Retry scope”, try&catch, “On element Appear”, “Attach window”. “On element Appear” helped reducing the number of my interventions yet sill I need to carefully watch working automation.

What can I do to make “Click activities” work reliably as the automation needs to send hundreds of declaration.

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Hi @Piotr_Murawski

  • Use Click image activity
  • Use Click Activity with Informative screenshot

Make sure the pop-up is not in the disabled state.
Can you check it once and let me know?

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Make sure to add delays before click activities.
On Element Appear will tell you whether the required element is available or not. But not the window is fully loaded or not.
Sometimes the windows will be refreshing in the background and click activities won’t register straight away.
And also try changing the default input method to Simulate Click or Send Windows Messages.

Karthik Byggari

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Hi @Gokul001 @KarthikByggari,

thank you very much for your tips! I’ve experimented with all of them and exception’s frequency plummeted!
I just need to create some exception handling mechanism which restart the process every time when click activity crashes.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

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