Click activity suddenly cannot work (For understanding...)

Hi guys. I am a intern at a local company. When I transfered my project .xaml file to my colleague and runs on my colleague PC, she having this error while for mine is working correctly but I already recapture the click activity on her machines and she has 2 PC so I not sure is something related… or should I enable simulate click or is there anyway to stop having this error/

Here is the first time error message and another image for the click component:



And when she run for the second time, it gets another error message and another image for click component:




Try to recapture element from the second machine and compare with the selector generated in the first machine.

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@phoenix123 This exception is purely due to selectors are changing dynamically so make selectors stable and try.

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@indra can enable simulate click to make it stable or is there other solutions?