Click activity on Chrome browser

Dear everyone,

I would like to use Click activity on Google Chrome browser. I have installed the Chrome plugin. The click activity is to click the pop out message appear at the top part of the browser like this

When I select the Indicate on screen option in the Click activity, I am unable to select the Ok button. Instead, the Unipath is highlighting the whole section of the Chrome browser.

I have tried to closed the workflow and browser and restart them still highlighting the whole browser for the Click activity. Anything that I have missed?

@Sam_Kong -

  • Use ImageExists activity to find below section is exists…
  • if the activity return True then
  • Use ImageClick activity and select the image reference to OK button
  • else ignore
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Do I need to use an If activity after the ImageExist activity?

Just to confirm whether the ImageExists activity need to draw a square box around the pop out message in order to capture the image? However, the Click activity still highlighted the whole Chrome browser like before.

ImageExist activity — create a out variable as ‘isAlertExists’
If isAlertExists
Click OK

Yes - For ImageExists activity - you have to select/mark the image alert box. (red)
For ImageClick activity - you have to select/mark the ok image. (yellow)

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@Sam_Kong, if the click activity is still misbehaving you can also just use a send hot key ‘enter’ which should close that pop up box.

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ok, may I know is it unstable to use Chrome browser?

Actually I am having issue with the Level 3 assignment 2- generating yearly report in ACME site. Not sure whether you are able to help me out.

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I wouldn’t call it unstable, but remember nothing’s perfect. We’re always bound to get bugs and other issues when we develop something.
Although, sometimes I do prefer working with IE on some automation projects that requires browser interaction. However, pop-up recognition issues are some of the most common obstacles developers tend to face when making automations regardless of the browser.

I would recommend you try the following:

  • First try the suggestions made by @GBK.
  • Then try the send hot key ‘enter’.
    • This is actually my go to workaround whenever applicable (i.e. pressing enter can actually “select” the ok button and close the pop up) if I’m having selector issues with pop ups. Since send hot key activities doesn’t need to rely on selectors.
  • You can also try waiting for a few seconds, since detecting and separating UI elements can sometimes take a while. Meaning, try hovering your mouse cursor over the pop-up “Ok” button for a few seconds while indicating the element and see if that will work.
  • You can also try and indicate the element using UiExplorer and see if that will work.

And yes, of course we’ll try to help you out with your automation issues.

Have a great day, happy automating! :vulcan_salute: