Click activity not working in Selector Issues

Hi All,

I tried many settings but my click activity is not working.

I am trying to click a max date in application

.I am able to extract the maxdate from data table and pass in the click selector. But the click activity is not working.

I am getting the max date and passing the variable in selector.

Hi @marina.dutta

could you try to map your selector again, then right click and create to create a variable and pass the one that you need, make sure to check the override default value



Hi @pravallikapaluri

Can you help on this Click activity not working in Selector Issues


I did but did not work.

HI @marina.dutta

Delete the variable and create and pass the variable into the selector again and remove the tableCol attribute.

Make sure that the variable is a string type.

Hi @marina.dutta

When you are selecting a variable in UiExplorer then you can see an option of over ride the default value so please :white_check_mark: that box and also in the properties panel there is option of visibility check so select the strict selector only and uncheck remaining selectors like fuzzy and image

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At the left hand isde settings do I need to change anything. I need to choose strict selector?just


Yes you need to choose strict selector for click activity and then open the UI explorer uncheck the tableCol and pass the innertext again while passing check override default value.


Few things to consider here

Is the data matching with the exact date present on the screen the format of it?

And in the innertext is there only date or are there any other values ? If so replace them with * and try

Also it is important to check if there is only one table on the screen or multiple…as you are not using any identifier for table it searches in the first table that is present


Hi @marina.dutta

When you are indicating the Ui element on the screen in click activity. First indicate the element, there is a selector option window in the right side check the Strict selector and uncheck the fuzzy selector, image. Click on Confirm.

After that open the click activities properties and select the Target and open the strict selectors, open the Ui explorer and replace the attribute value with the variable. Check the Override default value when passing the variable and click on confirm and validate.

Hope it helps!!

@Anil_G Thank You for the solution

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