Unable to create selector

hey guys
i want to read an excel file ,in that file only one column is there which have names , now i want to read excel and search each name in web page and click on that (this web page is in tabular format) i tried to insert variable in selector but not working please help me

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Hey @Shoebmd

Kindly show us the screenshots like what were you trying and what is the error please ?


insert your variable like this {{variableName}}


Open edit selector and right click and click use variable option

cheers ,
muhamed fasil

please see this

i assign , row(column name ).tostring =AA_Excel and then i used that variable in click activity selector but not working for better clarity i also include fuzzy logic but no use
please help guys

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the target webpage looks like this

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@Shoebmd , Does the Click Activity give out an Error ? If so, Could you post the Screenshot of the Error ?

Also, We don’t require to use fuzzy matching unless the value is not a Definite value, or if it contains partial values that match the variable value.

Can you also check by providing a Default Value to the Variable AA_Excel, if the Selector gets validated ?

Click 'A ': The specified combination of selector, filter and scope is not supported.

this was error

in this case

when iam assigning

variablename=“row(ColumnName).tostring” its not working

but when

variablename=“hardcodedvalue” its working

what to do

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Hey @Shoebmd

You are assigning it the other way…

AA_Excel = row(column name ).tostring


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Have you checked whether the row logic prints right value ?

yes its printing right value but its not working in selector

Hey @Shoebmd

Kindly post below screenshots…

  1. Highlighting the target element from webpage

  2. Actual selector of the element from UiExplorer

  3. The dynamic variable value which you printed


@Shoebmd Can you try try clicking the element without passing any variable within the selector. Take this click in a separate sequence and check it without disturbing your code.Let us know the results

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