Click activity not working for 2nd iteration

I m looping through excel files and copying the tables from each excel to a word doc. I am trying to change background color of the header. It works only for the first iteration.

The edit selector is not validating as well. I am not sure how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.

Maybe idx tag is changed after first iteration, Can you remove idx tag and try again ?
Also, remove tag cls=‘OpusApp’ and change title tag from ‘Project_Tracker.docx - Word’ to ‘*Word’.

Hi @tavineei
I made the changes you suggested. Still not working for the 2nd iteration.
Also, please note that all the excel tables are copied to the same word doc.

You need to simulate the error and debug your robot file.
You need to set breakpoint at activity which has error and run debugging.
When debugging, let the first iteration run normally, at the second iteration; you need to indicate on the element (use UiExplorer) and compare the current selector with the defined selector (it maybe different).
Then fine-tuning it.
Remark If problem is still persist, please attach screenshot of selector tag of second iteration.

Hi @tavineei , Can you please explain how I can do those steps? I am using community edition.

While doing this make sure that the document is open in the background…

If yes then indicate again and see the difference between current selector and new selector…
In the title just keep file name and then add * before and after…
Example :

@Pravin_Patil1 , Could you please let me know how to go about debugging this issue?