Inside the {for each uielement child} loop - The UiElement is no longer valid


Traversing a HTML table, after iteration1, when I try to read column values in iteration2, I get UI element is no longer valid

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Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:Studio Trial Ver.2016.2.6192

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OS Version:Windows 7
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Any sample url.
Please check the selector …

I need to select the chekcbox in each row, copy some details which get displayed outside the HTML table and iterate to second row and so on.

As soon as the part of the page refreshes to display the details for row1, when i reach row2, all elements in row 2 remain no longer valid


ok got it.
How your copying details of rows which is get displayed outside HTML table?

meanwhile please copy the selector of row 1 and then copy the selector of row 2 in notepad then compare is there any dynamic attributes.


Row 1 column3 ID = id=‘costDataAdvTable:recStatusErrFld:0’
Row 2 column3 ID = id=‘costDataAdvTable:recStatusErrFld:1’

and so on…

I have replaced the 0,1,…by wildcard *

I am scraping data which is displayed below the html table.

Instead of wildcard create a counter variable cnt and increase cnt +1 and pass that variable in selector.

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Yes, it works!!


Thank you :slight_smile: