Click on Multiple line items

In Description field may contain more than one Line items and i want to click on line by line one by one
for that i tried using data scrapping but i am not able to click on line items one by one. please help me on this.

  • this is an image for reference.

Hi @Rup_1,

Please do check the selectors.

I have faced this issue once. A small modification in the dynamic idx of selector will solve this issue.
For first line, the idx will be “1”,
for second, the idx will be “2”.
If idx is passed through a variable and incremented inside loop, it will work fine.

“<ctrl idx='” + CounterValue + “’ role=‘row’ />”

Saranya K R

Thanks for reply,
i tried that solution which you provide but i think something goes wrong can you check my are my workflow.Test_Sample.xaml (13.0 KB)

An activity named “CurrentIndex” is not present in my packages. Could you please let me know under which it is available, so that I could install and test your workflow.

Saranya K R

I am also facing same issue like “CurrentIndex” but in this i am not using any special activity,here are some screen-shots

Can you check on the second line’s selector? whether it contains idx = 1 or idx = 2
Please do attach the second line selector.