Click activity is not working properly

It is taking far too long to click. Even if I haven’t used any delay, clicking image is taking far too long. When I manually click, it would click (meaning next page will load in 2-3 sec) but when I use UiPath (bot) it would take me more than 3-4 minutes to click that image.

Hi @Samraat_Maharjan

Did you try changing the input methods?


Hi @Samraat_Maharjan

Try using modern click activity if you are using modern try with classic click activity.

Do you mean @Parvathy ClickType and MouseButton? I have used a single click and Button left.

@AJ_Ask I am using classic click.


Try using Modern click activity and Input Mode Simulate


@Parvathy okay, I will try this tomorrow in the first hour.

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For type into/ click uiautomation activities, try to enable simulate/ send window messages property.

For a detailed explanation please go through our KB article: