Click Image Activity Not working

Hello all, I have developed a process where the bot should click on a dropdown arrow and select an option. But, when I run the bot I have observed that the bot is not selecting/clicking on that particular dropdown arrow.

Note :- When I have developed this very process separately it is working.

Thanking you.

Hardik Durgam.

@Hardik_Durgam ,
Whatever u have done is correct but just make sure the selectors by indicating.


Hi @Hardik_Durgam

  • Check if your selector has changed
  • Map again your image with the drowdown, maybe some pixels have changed


@Jithesh_R there is no option of selectors when we use click-image activity.

Hi @Hardik_Durgam ,

Retry after indicating the image again and adjusting the accuracy.
image what should I set the accuracy to?

Try reducing it to .75 or .7

  1. try change profile to enhanced
  2. use modern click activity instead of classic, with modern click activity you can also set the anchor which will make it more accurate, and also make use of other selectors like fuzzy selector / native text etc


@jack.chan should I go ahead with fuzzy selector or with strict selectors? I tried reducing the accuracy still it is not clicking the down arrow.

try each of them as see which one works