Click activity is not working on tags which are changing dynamically

In one of the webpage I need to click on text field or label which opens another window.
Here the problem is the selectors for the text in the web page is changing dynamically(initial assessment is when screen resolution is changed).
For example for first instance, the selector from UIExplorer is shown as


and in the second instance it is shown as

Due to this dynamic change of tags( and ) , Click activity is not pointing in the designated place. so workflow is failing.

Please help in this regard

Thank you in advance.

Using uiExplorer, you need to check for more attributes for selector of that field and find reliable ones.

Here the main problem is the tags
Why the tags are changing dynamically (ie., from to and viceversa) on the same field

moreover for the the total selector is showing as


That’s not something that we can handle. The developer of the application has built it that way.

can I know how can I find the tags which I am getting through any UiPath activity

You can use ‘Get Attribute’ activity and specify the attribute as ‘tag’

Did you try using UiExplorer or else you can try Click Image or Click Text activity as well.


Here tag means or . I am not sure what these are called. Just I want to get the info whether I am getting and . Based on this I will frame the selector.

Yes I tried both Click Image and Text activity which is not working as the problem is with in the selector which is not constant. As and tags are changing.