Problem with click activity

Hello all,

I have a problem with a click activity that I can’t get solved.

On a webapage is a button whose " "
ID changes.
For this I have starred the “,” but as soon as I validate the selector, I get the message that it is not found.

Even with click Image and a Find Children loop, the bot does not get the button pressed.



Instead of parentid, can you search another tag which is stable?


Unfortunately no, that’s all the page offers


Can you click on UiExplorer and check if you have any other tags or share that screenshot


here the screenshot


So search here a stable tag where you can build your dynamic selector
May be idx will also work by using a counter value and incrementing that

Hope this may help you


Hi @NHoe ,

Have you tried inspecting this click with Active Accessibility mode.
May be you will get more stable selectors.

Thank you, it works.

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