Changing idx for the button when using click activity

Hi guys, so i am currently doing a RPA script and one of my click activity keeps on having issue finding where the “attach” button is.

The button is always at the same place but the click activity still can’t seem to find it. I noticed that when i indicate it the first time and run it, it works fine. However, once i restart the application(Close and reopen), the robot can’t seem to find it and i have to reidentify again.

I noticed that the only thing that changed in the selector after i re-indicated was the “idx” field. Is there a solution to this issue?

P.S. I cannot show any screenshot for this issue as all of it is done on my company’s work machine and it does not have internet access

@wasd Edit Selector and Open in UiExplorer and see if any unique property for the attach button element you can choose.
Idx means there are two or more elements present in screen with the same attribites.

i wish i could but there is a group policy existing on my work machine that prevents me from even using UiExplorer. I tried opening it just now and an error pops up regarding the group policy preventing the action…

You can outsmart by editing the selector, then look for unique parts that are always changing, replace the unique word with the (*) attribute.
i hope this helps

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