Issue with Selector attribute

Hi All

I have an image in my website where i have to click. Below is the selector.


When I am indicating in the element its highlighting properly but when i am running the workflow its not finding the element. But sometimes its working. The parentid attribute is changing every time when I am indicating the element. If i am de-selecting the parentid attribute its highlighting some other element in the screen.

What is the solution for this ?

You can use a wildcard like * or ? in the parentid attribute (ember*) as long as the wildcard does not match more than one element in the webpage.

did we try with CLICK IMAGE activity

This i tried, not working.

Depending on the website structure, maybe using anchors is an option

Yes it worked with click image. But there is no guarantee that it is the final solution. Since last two days i have run this 10-15 times it was working fine but again now its not working.

So how will you be sure in this case ?

It would work for sure buddy
may i know the issue you were facing or even the error we get on using CLICK IMAGE

cheers @kkpatel