Click Activity: cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector :


Idea is to get URL of each of the links (catched in data scrapping) stored.
though I have seen other posts also but not able to make out how to resolve this issue.

  1. I did data scrapping recording in 1st step
  2. in 2nd step, For each loop on ExtractData, I used Right Click event but when I see its SELECTOR property, it shows

I hope I cannot do data scrapping for both of the above mentioned steps in 1 go… ?

which I think is the root cause of the error which comes when i run the robot.

error which comes is:

cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector : uipath


@Lahiru.Fernando , @KarthikByggari

Attaching .xaml file.DownloadandSaveCV.xaml (14.8 KB)

it seems that in data scrapping let say there are 10 links on the browser but my click activity is not able to go through each of them though I have placed it inside FOR EACH ROW.

can the selector property be assigned dynamic value for which Link to click next ?

currently it is clicking 1st link every time inside a loop.

My selector property is

hei @ashishajmani

check out this .xaml file

DownloadAndSaveCSV.xaml (11.3 KB)

Hope your issue will be resolved.

Sure @Mr.StarLord_AO. Thanks.

i will test and share the results.

I have seen your workfloe @Mr.StarLord_AO.

Its better refined than mine for sure.

Actually I do not want to download the files. I just need to copy the links in those Hyperlinks stored in ExtractDataTable by either Mouse Right Click on them and then by clicking ‘COPY LINK ADDRESS’

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In that workflow .from that extracted data table you can also get those links

You just have to add your main link before it.


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Sure @Mr.StarLord_AO.

I will try and update.



In the selector you are using idx, try to find unique selector without idx.
if there are more elements with same selector, idx is used to find the particular element.
In the error screenshot, the idx value is * . Bot will unable to find the element if there are more elements which matches the selector.

@Sreelatha278 I have removed that activity. Right click is working over ExtractDataTable but not able to make out how to get the Copy Link address.

shall I use CV Screen Scope? tried using that but in there CV Click text is not working when I right click on the selected URL (image).

@Mr.StarLord_AO can you please elaborate further? I am not able to make out where to write that code?

sorry bit new to UIPath…

If you jus want those links…i will share you the .xaml soon


hello @ashishajmani

DownloadAndSaveCSV.xaml (11.0 KB)


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@Mr.StarLord_AO - Genius…!!

I have seen so many posts talking something or the other…taking click items, another click item, reading text…going through CV…but this one has nailed it with simple solution.

Hats off…

many thanks…

@Mr.StarLord_AO - i did the same thing, now using

it says

Didn’t I extracted the information the way it should be ? - can you have a glance pl.

CopyLinks.xaml (11.7 KB)

during extraction using data scraping, It will ask for the link to be added. You can give second column value ad “link”…then it will work.

sorry…my bad…its working…I have manually added in extractmetadata box…

Many thanks.

just for clarity, if I try to extract correlated data, it says


i am taking a pause, doing right click, clicking on ‘copy link address’…it does adds during 1st element, but doing the same on 2nd element, it goes in error