Couldn't find the UI element corresponding to this selector

We are trying to fetch data from a website and export that to an Excel File(.xls).

Getting selector error in Get Text activity inside Attach Browser activity.

A screenshot is attached for further reference.

this is because the selector is not correct try to void htmlwindowname and use wildcard operators in title and see if the selector is getting highlighted properly

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Hi @Janavi_Kodre ,

As we can see from the error, selector is the problem, Please try to make it dynamic to achieve the result.


Hi @Janavi_Kodre

Did you try this?

@Janavi_Kodre : Make sure your title in the selector is dynamic , replace it with wild card “*” .
Try this and let me know.

Hello @Janavi_Kodre

As per the error which you shared, just ot cross check one thing,In the selector of the atatch window is there any attribute like “htmlwindowname” and can you confirm whether its always the same. If not which part is changing for each session, replace that with “*”.

Also sugegsting to use Get text with anchor for better accuracy. You can sue App/Web recorder to get the text, it will record the activity with the anchor.


Check This - Dynamic Selectors.