ForEach UI Element Could not able to skip images

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I am trying to retrieve all the links shown on the webpage and I numbered them 1 and 2 in the attached screenshot but it could be n number of links. The red block in the screenshot is identifying the cause of the error.

The issue I am facing is that if there is a image section between the links then the loop is not able to proceed. Anyone have any idea how can I resolve this problem?

Thank you for you time.

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I think this can be achieved with data scrapping no matter what comes in between the defined fields u want to capture

Hope the data scrapping were made as per this guidance


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Please check the selector you have for for each ui element…correct it to get only url or even you can use filter option to filter the non required ui elements and extract only when url is present


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So you have any demo of it? If you have please share it. Thank you.

Hope this would help you

Cheers @Muhammad_Anas_Baloch

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Can we do it with For Each Ui Element @Palaniyappan ? In the shared video he’s storing the urls in the excel file I don’t need to store them I just want to click them one by one.

Hi @Muhammad_Anas_Baloch

Check the selector when it reach the images, there should be any property that identify the currentElement contains those images, based on that use the filter option in the For Each UI Element Activity in order to skip those unnecessaryelements


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