Click activity can run in unattended?


I wanted to ask whether the click image can use for unattended process??

I tried to use the click image with the stimulate click or send window message. However, there are some selector doesn’t support the click image.

And I wanted to run the process with the unattended robot.

Wonder whether the click image will affect it if I left it as hardware click?

Thank you.

instead of using click image try to use simulate click or send windows message because yes on the long run click image causes errors. Play around with the selectors.:slight_smile:

I tried but when I wanted to choose the element, when I indicate the element or around the item, it select the whole screen.

And another things is it doesn’t support the stimulate click, and the send window message return nothing.

@poppadom if you can’t find selector for the element ,try with anchor base or find relative element.Regarding input method,for unattended,simulate click or chromium API would be best.

Hello @poppadom

Please check the below documentation regarding the input methods in uipath.
Apart from Hardware events all other input methods allows background execution. But the Application compatibility also need to consider.



Hi @poppadom

Try click image without a selector.