Clear Queue from Orchestrator

As I’m developing a process, I sometimes need to clear out a queue and start over. Is there a way to clear all items from queue all at once without doing it item by item, or is removing the whole queue and recreating it from scratch the only way? I can’t believe there’s no way to just delete all transactions at once?

If the Queue items are in the New State then you can use the Delete Queue Items Activity.

If the Queue items are in In-Progress, when these are not processed within next 24 hrs then they will get automatically deleted.

Additionally, you can also make use of the Orchestrator APIs to delete those items.

Thanks for replying. I’m not really looking for a programmatic solution. I just want a way from Orchestrator to empty out a queue that I’m developing, so I can rerun my process.

Hi @Terry_Marr

Check the below thread. In the thread second picture will help you delete all the transaction items in a queue.



You cannot delete all at once from ui

Option you have a below

  1. Delete queue and recreate
  2. Go with programmatic way to delete in chunks
  3. Select upto 50 records from ui and delete all of them together and then continue with next chunk


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