Cannot eliminate Queue


I am not able to eliminate an entire Queue.

This is for Advanced Tutorial

I select the queue and click on eloiminate but no response:

the transactions taht were not processed are on status deleted, some are in progress.

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you can delete the queue and recreate if needed.

Yes,but the problem is that when i click the queue delete button it is not working

delete will just mark the transactions as deleted… they will not get away… queue is different from the transactions…

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Click on the 3 dots to the far right of the Queue you wish to delete. Is there a delete option present? If so, try deleting this way.

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Why is it that so often people fail to understand the original question? The title is the post is “cannot eliminate queue”, not “cannot eliminate queue items”. The OP clearly states that he has selected the entire queue and clicked on eliminate (remove). @bcorrea for some reason thinks that OP is trying to delete individual transactions. Then @Jarzzz proposes he try the alternative method of deleting a queue (which I’m sure the OP tried but at least @Jarzzz understood OP’s intent).

I am having the same issue. Deleting the queue doesn’t seem to do anything. I understand that queue items might take a while to actually be removed from the queue, but supposedly deleting the queue itself should be quicker. I have tried deleting the queue more than 24 hours ago and it is still there.

Hi, i will try to make you understand why it looks to you that we dont understand the original question, but not everyone seeking for help in the forums knows in depth what the terminology of the orchestrator means, so there is confusion sometimes in relation to queues and transactions, cause deleting a whole queue is pretty straight forward so i assumed he wanted to delete transactions which do not go away, if it was the queue and there is ongoing transactions inside, than obviously you could not delete it…

@jplusplus Why are you getting upset?

Often times when answering questions we are unsure of the OPs knowledge level. Hence the additional instructions…

Best of luck resolving this

@bcorrea not sure of community edition, but when using Enterprise Orchestrator you can delete a Queue when an Item has an In Progress Status

@Jarzzz oh thx for clarifying, i never tried so assumed it would not be possible…

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