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I am working on citrix automation where I fetch rows from excel and update the data in Citrix app. Currently I copy one row and update it in citrix. This approach is working fine. However only issue is sometimes I get a pop up window in Excel that “Clear the contents of clipboard”. As I copy and paste it in Citrix, the office clipboard is storing the temporarily all the items I copy. Sometimes it displays a pop up. Is there any way to clear the office clipboard? I would like to know is there any keyboard shortcut?


@kaderms @loginerror @ClaytonM - Guys! Can you please help me with this?


I don’t see any keyboard shortcuts. However if you manage to click on options you’ll have the following dialogue box which does have shortcuts:


Can you please show what options are selected for your Excels?

PS : Sorry I misunderstood your post, I thought you just wanted for the pop-up to not display :slight_smile:

Hey @Cosmin_Mandoc, thanks for the response. I am looking for a way to clear the clipboard. I already had a look at the options, but I didn’t want to perform multiple steps to clear the clipboard. Hence wanted to know whether there is any shortcut or other approach to clear clipboard. but looks like we don’t have any other option
or will it be possible to increase the clipboard size? currently it might hold say, 24 or 25, what if I want to have 500? I don’t think it’s possible

You can get to the Clipboard pane by using the Alt-key combo, which is: “[k(lalt)]hfo”
but, it’s a toggle so if it’s already open, it will close.

So, that is one way to get to the Clear button where you can tab a few times or click the text.

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@Selvasathappan you can try this too.