Citrix : Type Into not always working


We are on 2018.4.1 and we are facing a strange issue.
We have a process that require automating Citrix application ( without the Citrix runtime for now) and from time to time, Type into isn’t working and don’t send any data.
What is done :

  • Attach Citrix Window,
  • Using OCR/Find image find the input were data need to be entered
  • Click on it
  • Send type into command ( with just Activate option)

On the same server with the same bot, sometime it works and sometime we see that the input aren’t sent. When this happen we have a loop in place to retry the whole process but even with that it’s not better.
Any idea what could be the issue ?

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Welcome to UiPath Community buddy…

  1. Its all the selector issue , to sort this out the best way to enter values to a field is with send hotkey with tabs that is what even uipath suggests…the best practice in citrix environment…
    So kindly use send hot key with tab keys as input instead find image to find the field to pass the input…

  2. Or use a type into activity with number of tabs like [k(tab)] in front of the word to be entered and a enter hotkey like [k(enter)]…either this would work as well…

But for both the cases we must mention the number of tabs correctly @mittol_ldc

  1. If possible, To be more advance we have computer vision activities in uipath, new beast that can access the elements of all the citrix environment fields and button. These activities can be downloaded from manage package in design tab, named UiPath.AI.ComputerVision.Activities

Else you were doing great with your workflow design

This will steadily work for sure …

Is that working buddy… @mittol_ldc


Unfortunately send hotkey fail as well :

Regarding computer vision, the issue is not that I don’t find where to put my input but that send hotkey/type into seems to have no effect sometime.

tab buddy not any specific keys to mention. This will work buddy @mittol_ldc

If it needs for tabs we need give 4 tabs with 4 send hotkey activities or
a type into with 4 tabs keys infront like “[k(tab)][k(tab)][k(tab)][k(tab)]”+“value”+“[k(enter)]”


Still facing issue buddy…? Do we need to tweak the workflow a bit more…?


The tabs will not be an help on certain screens as it has no effect ( for example the address bar in Dynamics AX)
My problem is really that the same workflow can work 10 times then stop to work for 2-3 runs then work again.
All the run are recorded and the click is made to go into the address bar but the type into after that or send hotkey have not effect.
If it was a configuration issue, I guess it would never work, it’s not the case here.

Hi @mittol_ldc, @Palaniyappan
hope you were able to solve the issue, can you help me with my scenario?

I am using putty on citrix enviroment and am unable to give password for putty session. Now i am not sure if it’s not taking the password or typing wrong input there… I tried clicking in front of password before type into action but its not working.

use copy to clip board activity to copy the password to clipboard. You might need to decrypt for this part, only works with string. Then use the send hotkey activty to ctrl + v or whatever the hotkeys are. then another hot key enter to send the reques to sign in. You can indicate the whole screen for these selectors.