Citrix- screen scrapping issue

Hello Folks,

Bot has to capture the visible text from a dropdown where the application in citrix screen.
I m using native citrix-screenscrapping to take the the values. It’s is working well when I run bot from studio.

But not working with orchestrator. Log saying it’s a selector issue. Can anyone help me on this?

Thank you.

@vamsi_81087… have you tried with OCR or CV activities?

CV, I don’t have access. But I tried with ocr.
Like “Get OCR full text”.
Not working. We have changed resolution as well.
Now not failing another location.

Can you post the selector error? Also, is Citrix Extension installed on Robot machine in Prod?

Can you screenshot your Robot settings? (incl. resolution etc)

You can use CV by getting API key from Orchestrator.