Citrix automation challenges


we are looking out for best approach on extracting from PDF which is behind citrix. also want support to save it to excel


Even I have the same requirement.


are you able to proceed to extract with OCR or stuck up initially itself


hi lawanyaram

what is the problem you are facing, exactly?


I am looking at the approach of reading from PDF with content in image format in Citrix environment.
Wanted to see if any one has tried OCR screen scrapping and its efficiency


I could able to search for a particular key(number) through CTRL +SHFT+F in PDF. The Data searched will be selected. Now you can do CTRL+C.
From there if I do DOWN + SHIFT I could get more data.

Screen scraping will work if have data in exact position.

Please let me know the exact problem


we have used OCR relative scrapping and works fine.