Citrix OCR extracting text with variable scrolling

hi guys, sorry if this may seem as an obvious question but i was not able to find any solutions to this via google. I found this article

which explains how to scroll down on a page when dealing with Citrix automation; however, the issue I am having is twofold.

Basically. I am trying to extract around 10 pieces of information per case from a single citrix page; however, the page requires a variable amount of scrolling for each case. Therefore I cannot reasonably place a keydown event such as ‘pagedown’ after extraction of variable 1 if that will overscroll me past variable 2 or underscroll such that UIPath cannot see variable 3.

My theoretical idea is to have UIPath scroll at a pace of 3 lines per 5 seconds and have a parallel loop run and try to extract the variables as they become available on screen. Is such a task possible?

Please let me know if this is confusing as I know it may sound as such. I would appreciate any tips or advice!