Citrix code is not running on another machine


I developed the bot in my local machine, it’s working fine. But when I am running the same bot on another machine the citrix part click text and click text double is not working. Screen resolution is same as of my machine.

Please help me out.



Hi @saili,
How do you run this bot on citrix worker? It’s going through orchestrator or directly from Studio on this worker? Please describe in details.

Hi @Pablito,

I am simply using Native citrix from Recorder.

Native Citrix Support requires some configuration before it’s possible. So probably you have already configured this on you computer but not on another which hasn’t been configured. Please see details here:

Can’t we do this by using native citrix recording only? Because it’s working fine in my machine.

Please guide me if I am wrong.

Hi @saili,

Drop a mail to the contact support of UiPath they will provide you the setup of Citrix extension or any other pre-requisites.


Using only this it can provide issues. As you know Citrix is delivering apps using streaming protocol combined with Microsoft’s RDP so activites can’t just “see” UiElements when working in such streamed app or desktop.

Ok. Thanks.

So do I need to download citrix extension, citrix receiver in my machine or other machine on which I want to run my program? Is it right?

You need to install extension and receiver on computer where Studio is used for robot development and runtime need to be installed on every Citrix Worker where automation will take place.