UI automation not working on Citrix Receiver

I am unable to run a UI automation code on Citrix Remote Desktop machine. I was able to record UI interactions with a desktop application(MS Access) but whenever I try to execute the same on Citrix, it is failing. It is not able to detect Text box/Buttons/Links.

Same things are working without any issues with my local Laptop. I am out of all ideas on how to resolve this. Re-doing the project might come at a great risk as it has already significantly delayed my project. Would appreciate any quick fix on this which won’t require too much rework.

Hi @meghna.b.das,
For citrix or any kind of remote-delivered apps you need to have both:

  • runtime plugin installed on remote machine (in your case it will be any Citrix Worker which delivers such application)
  • remote extension installed on machine where automation will be developed and used
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Thank you Pawel. I will try this out.

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