Citrix and Image automation

What is best way to automate citrix environment in uipath like clicking and typing etc. I know some options are recording and computer vision activities but want to know that which one is best practice in your opinion provided that I am on community. As well as , which approach is more reliable incase screen resolution changes
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After setting up Citrix Extensions and the uiRemoteRuntime:

the first check is analyze how many parts / items / uiElements canbe covered by the Citrix Extensions and what rest for next analysis rounds

Thanks for a quick response , another question is that , if my machine is locked and I am using an unattended BOT , do I need to do some special steps to make it run in locked mode ? or this functionality is auto provided?

lets assume the unatteded bot is started by Orchestrator, so ORC is establishing the session and will run the BOT.

If the unnattended process is started e.g. manually then depending on some more details is needs to be take care. As is it behaving similar to an attended execution the bot lives and dies with the session

After installing citrix extension , I am seeing this error … And is this method more reliable than computer vision methos?

is ensured that the UiPath Remote Runtime is installed (refer to link from above)

I am ubale to find or see that component. Is it available for community edition? if yes , how can i download it

from the link:

The UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi installer is included in UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe , or you can obtain it by…
Please note that UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe does not support command line arguments.

please read the entire page from link

I dont have a license code to connect to support and get .msi file. Is there any way around?

As an alternate:
Login to your cloud account and check the resources on right side:

Cannot see it