Autmating a desktop app in citrix environment

I want to automate a desktop app in citrix environment. App contains some dynamic elements with text area and scroller. Elements are not getting captured properly via CV and screen scraping. I need suggestion what all alternative ways we can use to make this automation feasible.

@Rajni1989 Another possibility for the Citrix automation is by using the Native citrix.
You have to install the UiPath Citrix Extension on the client machine and the UiPath Remote Runtime component on the Citrix Virtual Apps (formerly known as Citrix XenApp) application servers. Then same as normal desktop application automation it will work.


What specifically are you trying to do?

I have a Citrix automation with no ability to install the UiPath Citrix components, so I do it all by image and keyboard commands. The clipboard activities are very useful. If you need to get some text out of, say, a text box you can click into the box with image recognition, then CTRL+A then use the Copy Selected Text activity.