UIPath to Citrix


I’m trying to use UIPath on Citrix but it gives me the below error. Does anyone know why?

I have Remote Runtime, Added the extension, restarted everything. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot the below error?


Have a check on following:

  • Check if the UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi is installed on the Citrix application server from which the Citrix App is opened.
  • On the Citrix application server, check if the UiPathRemoteRuntime.exe process is running. If the UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi is installed, then the process is started automatically on the Citrix App session login.


@neeta.joji This is because UiPath extension for the citrix in the client machine has not installed. Please refer to the below

Another Approach : To automate citrix you can go for image based automation where you need not to install any thing. Please refer to the below to get to know how to do image automation

thank you for your responses!

I do have a question, I have a company that is letting me use their SAP via their citrix. I do not have much flexiblity in there to do anything on their servers, nor would they be interested in checking anything on the server for us. Just going and downloading some invoices. That’s the task we’re trying to automate.

Based on that information, will downloading the citrix extension and Remote Runtime for my UIPath on my laptop be sufficient to automate the tasks on their citrix. Or would you recommend doing image based automation?

@neeta.joji It would be better to go with image based automation since you are saying that you don’t have to access to anything except SAP in their server and also the process look doable with image based

But, if you face any issues with the process, inform them there is something advance to this which is native citrix and you need to access their servers to do some installations(.msi). Please find the below docs for installation and configuration steps

If you don’t have access to install the remote runtime on the Citrix server you can leverage computer vision to identify UI elements and automate that way. Native UI selection is only available when the Citrix extension is installed on your laptop/pc AND the remote runtime is installed on the Citrix server/environment.

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Even in image based automation, how would you type into if it gives the same automation error?


you will have to use CV screen scope before using CV Type since remote runtime is not installed in the serverside where the application resides.

I was just using the regular Type Into, instead of the CV Type Into.

Does Computer Vision need a separate license?

No. limitation from community and enterprise version limits megapixels/min. the API key can be found in the automation cloud under admin > licenses > robots & services.

Appreciate it Michael!!

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