CI Plugins Release Update

Hello everyone!

We have discovered an issue within the latest packager used within our CI plugins. The packages created now have a different file structure which is why we cannot reliably determine the location of the project.json file within the generated package.

This leads to a problem during the deploy task, as we do not know if we should deploy to a library feed or the common package feed and we fall back to the library feed therefore.

We are working on a hotfix right now and expect to release it around end of October.

Which versions are affected?

  • Azure Devops Plugin 2.10
  • Jenkins Plugin 2.10

For our Azure Devops Plugin users: As you know, Azure Devops plugins are updated automatically whenever a new version is released, we cannot avoid this behaviour. This is why we kindly ask you to plan for this event as it might affect your pipelines.
To remedy this issue we will make sure that only this single fix is included within the hotfix and we of course will thoroughly execute our regression test portfolio.

In case you have any questions or feedback, pls post them here.

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Hi Thomas, since the update yesterday we are facing an issue in our build pipeline:


We had some similar issue back in July 2020 and solved that by adding the Task “UiPath Install Platform”. We still have the task inside our pipeline.

Can you please advise how to solve the issue again? Currently blocking our deployment completly.


Hi Patrick,

with our latest release we have introduced a dependency to a new nuget feed for our CLI - this feed seems to be not accessible which is why you get this error.

short term fix:
You can step back to the previous version by explicitly specifiying the build version in all your UiPath tasks within your yaml files.

like this:

  • task: UiPathInstallPlatform@2.10.2941586
  • task: UiPathTest@2.10.2941586

mid-term fix:
pls make sure that the following URL is whitelisted in your environment:

pls let me know if this solves the issue on your side.

Hi Thomas,

did you enforced that again with your newest update from yesterday? Getting again the time out error …

Hi Patrick,

our fix for unknown reason also re-disabled caching again. We have fixed the problem and are pushing it out right now.

Apologies for the inconvenience.




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thanks for the quick response. Please let me know when your update is live again. Currently still getting the same time out.