Jenkins UiPath Pack is unable to Build Proper NuGet package for Windows compatible Studio project

While implementing UiPath-Jenkins CICD Pipeline, I’m facing an error while running the package deployed in Orchestrator.

Steps I followed:

  1. Code is published from UiPath Studio to GitHub. ( Working fine )
  2. UiPath plugin is installed in Jenkins. (Working fine)
  3. Build and deploy is configured using UiPathPack and UiPathDeploy .Added Jenkinsfile inside the repo. (Working fine)
  4. NuGet package got published inside Orchestrator successfully.

Issue: While I’m running the package that deployed in Orchestrator its showing ‘FileNotFoundException’. But 'Legacy compatible ’ projects running fine.

When I compared the nuget package created by the studio and jenkins, a folder named lib\ is missing in the package created by jenkins build.

Here are some screenshots,

Jenkins Nuget

Happy Automation :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Nithin,

we have just release a new version of our Jenkins plugin.

What’s New
Jenkins Long-Term Support
With this release, the Jenkins Plugin supports the latest Jenkins Long Term Support (LTS) version of Jenkins: 2.361.2 LTS

Install Platform task
The more the merrier! A new task has been added to the Jenkins plugin. The UiPath Install Platform task supports you in finding and downloading the right version of the command-line-interface (CLI) that you want. Being able to download the right version of the CLI makes sure that the Jenkins plugin is compatible with your environment, and that you can pack Windows and Cross-platform projects using later versions of the CLI.
The default CLI version that comes with this version of the plugin is 21.10, but you can choose to download a later version.
Overall, the UiPath Install Platform task allows you to:
Download, and implement a different version of the CLI, using the Choose a CLI version dropdown list.
Implement a different version of the CLI, by manually downloading the CLI NUPKG file, placing it on your build agent, and specifying that path in the Path to CLI’s nupkg field. This scenario applies for cases when your pipeline can’t access the UiPath Public Feed to download the CLI.
Learn how to use the UiPath Install Platform task here.

All the errors that the Packager throws at compilation can now be viewed and investigated from the console error logs.

Bug fixes
Fixed a bug that caused the manifest.json files to be missing from the UiPath.CLI NuGet package.
Jenkins tasks failed if the Orchestrator folder name contained the & symbol. Now, Orchestrator folder names with the & symbol can be passed as a parameter with the tasks.
The Workflow Analyzer failed with Jenkins if the analyzed package has additional files.
The publishing of test results failed with the following error: Receiver class com.UiPath.uipathpackage.UiPathTest does not define or inherit an implementation of the resolved method ‘abstract boolean isSkipOldReports()’ of interface hudson.tasks.junit.JUnitTask.
Fixed a bug that allowed the Workflow Analyzer to analyze YAML files.
Packages were deployed as libraries in Orchestrator, even if the inputted JSON file explicitly specified the outputType parameter as Process.