Chrome scaling issues when enabling UiPath extension

With the latest build installed 2022.10.1, I noticed that when I enable the extension for chrome or edge, the windows because shrunk to the smallest possible size as seen in the screenshots below. If the extensions are not enabled for the current user, then the windows are normal again. I believe this to be a bug as this wasn’t happening before.





Hope this gets resolved quickly.

Hello @private_matter !

Thank you for reporting this issue and allowing us to investigate it on your machine.
I’ll write the conclusion of our investigation here in case it is useful for other users.
The problem was caused by an interference between the UiPath extension for Chrome and Groupy (a tool for tabbed windows).
Disabled either of them solved the issue.
Keeping the Chrome window maximized also avoided this issue.


Hello @Marius_Stan

Yes, the latest version of Groupy 1.50 is what caused the issue indeed. When I downgraded to v1.49, the resizing issue did not occur.