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I am new to UiPath, I need help with web automation.
I have developed a bot that is running on a Virtual Machine. So I am accessing it through the TeamViewer. when I am disconnecting from the VM the Chrome window size gets small and the activities are not running, and the bot throws all the data running after the disconnecting as an Exception. So, Is there any way to make it the default size of the window irrespective of connecting with VM?

Please share any leads, Thank you.

Hi @Ping_Pong

Check the following things are done in the VM.

  1. Check the chrome extension → Need to be Enable
  1. Use attach browser activity inside that use Maximize window activity



@Ping_Pong Use Maximize Window activity in your code and try it once


There are two ways to handle this

  1. Either we can use a SEND HOT KEY activity with key as F11 once after opening the browser

This will open the application in full screen


  1. We can use a MAXIMIZE WINDOW activity and make sure you have kept that in a attach browser or within open browser activity

Either of these should work

Cheers @Ping_Pong

Thanks for the reply @Palaniyappan @Gokul001 @ushu

I have maximized the window when its opening Chrome. But I was still wondering that got all the cases as exceptions. Any Idea about modifying Teamviewer screen resolution when it’s not connected with any window.

Please share any leads. Thank you

Hi @Ping_Pong

Can you share the screenshot and elaborate the query


May be we can check first with that application itself whether has some configuration option to do that

If not try to use MAXIMIZE window for that application as well

Cheers @Ping_Pong

Thank you.

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Is there any further queries on this topic


No @Palaniyappan

Thank you, I am just looking into other options