Uipath Bugs after Upgrade 19.10 to 20.10.2 - Open browser activity

Hello everyone ,

We have a problem after upgrade in open browser actvity. Open browser activity works well for all engines. Buit neither chrome nor internet explorer does not open after activity has worked succesfully. We have upgraded version 19.10 to 20.10.2 . I have deleted chrome extension and set up. I have also changed internet explorer security settings , pop-up settings. enhanced protection settings etc. No engine settings changed after upgrade in fact . I have just tried forums methods such as, cannot communicate with browser etc. Not even small change happened. Ihave updated all activities after upgrade. Thanks for helping.

Hello @Nurullah_Kus,

If you have an enterprise license, it might be better to contact the Uipath support.

It might speed up the process.


Problem is solved one day later. Nothing has changed. But when i checked the next day, all browser tabs had opened in the DEV server. Maybe something prevented uipath after upgrade and then that was ended . I have no logical explanation. If it repeats, i will contact uipath support.

Interesting. Could it be that the machines were restarted in the meantime? Maybe the robot service responsible for handling the element detection did not properly initiate after the upgrade.

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