Chrome restore page exception

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can someone tell me if any UI Element is not getting captured using UI Path click activity, what to do

Example case in chrome browser at times we get that Restore page pop up and need to check if it exist then click on the close button or else click on other element but when I am using element exist then it is not capturing exact boundaries of that pop up and then when I m trying to use click activity to click on close button it is not identifying that close button

How to handle this exception


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You can disable that restore pop-up permanently. Follow below steps.

Edit the file located at C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

Right click “Preference” file and click edit. ctrl+f to find the following values, and change the value to:

“exit_type”: “none”,


Save the file, and change the attribute to “read only” so chrome can’t change it back.


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In that case I would suggest to not select the entire box as a element while indicating for ELEMENT EXISTS activity

Indicate only the text. That is in that popup you will be having RESTORE as a text, select that text alone as a element
If not able to select that specific text alone then select the whole box and make sure the selector has only the stable attributes and uncheck all the dynamic attributes or replace them with wildcard symbols *
While doing so Usually element exists fails because of timeout or wait for ready
Apart from that it works perfectly fine

So set the timeout as 60000 and wait for ready property as NONE

And for this

Instead of click activity use a simple SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY with key as esc and don’t indicate any element which means without any selector and just the key

And as another idea I would suggest to use a PARALLEL ACTIVITY where in keep a sequence of activities you want to perform in one side and as another sequence with element exists and this send hot key activity as another one

So if popup Comes at any point this PARALLEL activity will manage it

Hope this would help you

Cheers @ranshikasrivastava99

Thanks for the response but if end user doesn’t have this done with chrome, I need to handle this exception for generic code

Thanks for the response, let me try this and confirm back, this pop up doesn’t come every time so will just try again

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Thanks, esc worked with complete dialogue box selected


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Cheers @ranshikasrivastava99

It is quite frustrating that Google does not offer a simple solution to this.

My resolution was as follows:

Element Exists for the “Help make Google Chrome…” text
If for the boolean
Right click the “Restore” button (continue on error = True)
HotKey “Esc” for the restore button (continue on error = True)