Chrome extension doesn't work

lately the chrome extension doesn’t work for me, I can’t select absolutely anything, someone knows why, maybe that extension is obsolete
I can only select nothing more than a blue box that is on the whole screen
thank you very much

Did we try with other browsers like IE which doesn’t need any extension
Cheers @borismh

but why doesn’t chrome work
I work in Chrome so I don’t use other browsers
Will Uipath not work with Chrome anymore?

No not like that buddy
It would work
We need to reinstall the chrome extension and try once after restarting the machine
And also check whether any antivirus is blocking the application

Cheers @borismh

IF and when I have issue with the Chrome Extension I follow these steps…

> Uninstall Chrome
> Run ChromeSetup as an Administrator
> Run CMD as an Administrator enter the following
> 	cd C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath
> 	SetupExtensions.exe/chrome
> Run Chrome as an Administrator
> 	Enable Extension
> Run Task Manager
> 	Kill all Chrome applications

@Palaniyappan brings up a good point. You should check to see if this is an actual Chrome Extension issue. Have you tried defining Selectors in IE?

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@Jarzzz @Palaniyappan
in iexplore it works, but in my work that browser is not used

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Try the steps mentioned above, Uninstall and Reinstall… Report back