Can't communicate with the browser


I am unable to perform any Web related automation using UiPath Studio as there is some exception occurring for the Chrome driver and for other web browsers (drivers) as well.

I have already tried :

• Removing and again adding the UiPath extension for Chrome (through Studio).
• Removing and again adding the UiPath extension for Chrome (through CLI).
• Uninstalling and again installing Chrome web browser after clearing all the meta data.
• Uninstalling and again installing UiPath Studio (Community Edition).
• Installing the UiPath Studio Enterprise Edition (Trial Version).
• Restarting the system after adding/installing the Extension/Studio.

Any help will be appreciated!

Shubham Saxena

Hi @shubham.saxena

Have you tried our troubleshooting guide here?

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I have tried all of the things mentioned above, but it persists. I am now seeking help and would appreciate any assistance from someone who has fixed a similar issue before. Thank you in advance for your help.

Despite my efforts, I am still encountering the following error message:

Cannot communicate with UiPath Platform
The native part of the extension is not configured correctly.
Re-install the extension from UiPath Studio.

Please help me to cget rid of this issue