How to save file in specific folder @chrome browser

i have to save file in specific folder with chrome browser
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Can anyone share the sample workflow for this

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Hey @Praveen_Reddy

It’s just a matter of Type Into activity.

Use the activity and indicate the file filed in the popup. Pass a variable or string which has the full file path of the file to be saved with directory and file name with extension. Also add an enter key with it by using special key option.

That’s it ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope that helps


Hello @Praveen_Reddy

Are you trying to download any files? If yes, you can use click activity to download and then use move file to the respective folder( destination you can provide).

If still you want to go with save as method, then you have to use Typeinto the full path and then click on Save button and do a keyboard enter event.