How to get Browser download file path via Uipath

For example, in Chrome settings–>Download, we could set C:\download or D:\FolderA as download path, kindly help to comments if any Uipath activity could get this path automatic based on settings?

Hi @372402124
use wait for download Activity and inside it put that activity which you are using to download.
Wait For download returns Full Path of File where It is going Then you can “move” or “copy” in desirable place.

@372402124 please read this one, Here you will find its working.

Hi @372402124 use wait for download activity and provide that path where the files are downloading then

Write : outputVar.fullName

It will return the full path with file name.

Thanks Raja, this pretty helpful, but i had below issue, the folder path i didn’t know, it based on browser settings, i want to get this path automatic but not enter into the activity, any way could do?

i get this done now, thank you all for comments:



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