Choosing calendar dates from drop down

Hi there! I have an excel list of dates, in which I would like to automate onto an online form. The challenge that I am facing is that the calendar denies type-written text and can only use the drop down available to choose a date. Hence, I would like to know if there s a way for UiPath to read the date on the excel file and do self-selection on the drop down calendar.

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do you mind providing link to the online form u wants automate.

I am sorry but the link is a private link.

Hi @Forward,

You need to first identify the selector of date and then with the use of a variable (Date) and pass it to the selector. The date can be passed through the excel file to this variable and in turn to the selector which will select accordingly on the web.

You can refer to below link for usage variable in selectors:

Let me know further.