How can you select a date in a calendar on a webpage from a user?

Hi, I am trying to select a date in a calendar on a webpage based on a user click and I would like it to wait until the user has selected a date before if goes onto the next step.
Please could someone help with a solution? I am using UiPath v2022.4. Please see image of the calendar.



Hello @ppatel

Here you need to use the concept of dynamic selectors. If a user is entering a date that needs to be passed as a variable to the attribute in your selector. You can refer the below post.

Suppose if the variable is “Day”, go the selector and there you will find idx or aaname which will be equal to the day. Remove that valueof attribute, right click and select the variable “Day”

If any doubt please update here.

How To Automate A Date Picker? – UiPath – ExcelCult.