How bot will select date dynamically from drop down calender using uipath. Please help me out in this. Thank You


If you are using click then make changes in selectors…ie use variables if you want todays date then assign it in variable like“dd”) in place of that date which is shown in selectors

Bot should select dynamically date every time in uipath. No interference of human In between.

Sequence1.xaml (10.1 KB)

Please help me out in this. Thank You…

Sequence1.xaml (10.9 KB)
i have make for single date
u can make it as counter for checking
i have use one varible in which date will be store nd this varible is use in selector

Not working throughing an exception as selector is not found in “ClickTD”.

i have done for chrome so please choose again that click element and then change it as i have did.

ok I will try.


is your variable is working fine in this selector?
means the date which u need to select is coming or not?

Please check the values in Ui Explorer tree by changing its value ie aa name
first check for 26 then validate then again check for 27 or anything if its validating ryt then u can go

Is there any text box?