(Modern) Wait for item to appear then disappear

I’m not quite sure how Check App State works, and the documentation isn’t very detailed.

My automation clicks a button then after a few moments a small window appears, sits while a file is processed, then disappears.

Does Check App State set to “wait for element to disappear” wait for the element to appear then disappear? Or does the element already have to be there? Do I need a Check App State “appear” then a Check App State “disappear”?

Also, the element object always exists on the page, and its visibility is changed. How do I “wait for disappear” if the element always validates but is just set to not visible by web page script?

Hello Paul,

Once I had similar issue with pop up window, which was “visable” for robot even if was not seen on the screen. The only way I was able to solve it was use of Computer Vision . I used “CV Element Exist” activity.


The visibility setting in the (modern) activity Check App State seems to be correctly handling visibility when looking for the item to appear, but I’m not sure how the visibility setting is used if it’s set to wait for disappear.