Retry scope with istrue


I am trying to use retryscope for checking if an element exists. if it still exists i would like to click it again.

I have been trying to use IsTrue in the condition section of the Retryscope.

But the acrivity that the other posts suggest is not available for me to use in Studio. I am using 2022.10.5 Windows.

What would you suggest?

Hi @rpn_mail

How about the following?

If the Check True Actviity does not appear in the activities, click in the Filter Icon and then Show Classic

Also for latest update

BTW: you can also replace the element exist for an check app state activity, create a boolean variable in the output property and pass this to the Check True Activity



We can put ElementExists activity in Condition section directly.


Or we can use CheckTrue activity at the bottom of Action section as the following. It works as IsTrue at Condition section.


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Hi @rpn_mail

In UiPath Studio, you can use the “Element Exists” activity to check if an element exists on the page. You can place this activity inside a “Retry Scope” activity to retry the element exists check until the element is found, or until a maximum number of retries is reached.


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