End session with check app state


Is there a way to stop the run if I used “Check app state” activity and the flow goes to “Target doe’s not appears” ?
I saw I can insert “break” activity but only in a loop and this scenario is not in a loop.

Hi @mironb

Yes, it is possible to end a session with the Check App State activity.

You can use the “Check App State” activity to store the value in a boolean variable, just like the “Element Exists” activity does, and then use “Is True” in the condition of the Retry Scope.

Check out the thread


Hi @Gokul001

store the value in a boolean variable - Where I need to store it ?
““Is True” in the condition of the Retry Scope.” Can you explain how to implement ?
Sorry I am new in the UiPath


Please try using terminate workflow activity in the doesnot appear side.that would stop whole of the execution


Thank you again :slight_smile:

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