Check App State can't be used to find just an application window

Doing some automation in Citrix, without the UiPath plugin. Every new window that appears is a new instance of wfica32.exe (the Citrix browser plugin).

I need to be able to use Check App State to see if a particular window appeared. All the windows are wfica32.exe but have different titles. When I use Check App State to get the selector for the window, it gets it but sets the Selector and Fuzzy Selector to blank. These empty selectors cause Check App State to find windows it shouldn’t. It seems like the Window Selector is also “fuzzy” because it’s finding windows where the title doesn’t actually match.

If I set Targeting Methods to None it gives me an error “Target is not valid because no targeting methods are enabled.” So what is the point of a None selection if None isn’t allowed?

In a nutshell, using Check App State to see if a particular window, not a UI element within the window, appeared is inconsistent.

I thought maybe setting the Use Application (that’s around the Check App State) to “single window” would help, but it doesn’t. Now there are NO selectors for the window I’m looking for, because the Window Selector only applies when it’s Application Instance instead of Single Window.