Check App State activity always returns TRUE


I’m having a hard time using the Check App State activity of Modern Design. From what I understand, it replaces the Element Exists activity of the Classic Design. However, when I tried to use the Check App State to see if I am currently at the certain page, it always returns True or proceeds to Target Appears branch even if I am not on the said page.

Can someone enlighten me about this?


@_pjflo yes it is due to top level window selector which is same for others pages as well.
I suggest you to use check up state for specific element which is unique for all other pages present in that page where you want to check.
Use strict selector and disable fuzzy and image/cv selector.

Hi @_pjflo

For check app state activity you have to indicate the unique Ui element in the page to find out the Ui element is exist in this page. If the same element is there in the other page it will forward to target appear block not to target does not appear block.

Make sure to indicate the unique Ui element for correct validation.

If you are getting many duplicates while indicating the Ui element check the strict selector and uncheck the fuzzy selector in selector option window, it displays when you are indicating the target. Check the below image for better understanding.

Hope it helps!!

Hope it helps!!

I’m getting this same issue - when I pass in the browser uielement to a check app state I always get True even once the browser is closed.

I feel like this is a bug, as all it’s doing is checking the element is valid and not that it exists. If I attach it and do something like a get url it will fail, so I have to verify the browser is closed in this way.